Big Non-Repainting Systems & Indicators Pack

1. Trend Following System

The trend following system, was created to specifically keep you in a winning trade as long as possible and out of a losing trade as early as possible.

TFS system does not identify tops or bottoms, but it keeps you in the black on major moves and gives you a large percentage of profit.

It is a system that lets the market tell you when to enter a trade and when to exit.


2. Swing Trading System


All price movings essentially consist of swings (price fluctuations), so you have to use these fluctuations in intelligent way to make a profit. You can always find some fluctuations, no matter at what stage the market is currently in. It can be found in trend phases, but also occur in lateral movements. In this strategy we would like to focus only on pullbacks.

A pullback (dip) is a counter movement within a trend. These pullbacks always provide excellent trade opening opportunities. In the same time we have a good opportunity to get into an existing trend with minimal risk. When a trend direction is recognized we can make a profit from it by opening position when a price is reached dotted line. The more touch points price levels have, the more important they are.


3. Breakout Trading System

A breakout is a common forex trading strategy used by many traders. Our breakout strategy is based on a breakout of a breakout zone and can be used on multiple time frames. Higher probability breakouts need strong trends or volatile conditions behind the market. Strong trends are more likely going to have the force to successfully break through.


4. Trend Reversal Indicator


–ěne of the best indicators to identify trading opportunities where strong trends have been established. With Trend Reversal Indicator, you will always know with a lot of confidence when Exactly To Open And Close Your Trades.


5. Reversal and Correction Oscillator



The Reversal and Correction Oscillator is a momentum indicator–based system that helps determine the direction of a trend. This indicator can be used to spot emerging trends, define correction periods and anticipate reversals. Signals can also be generated by looking for divergences and crossovers. Because the Reversal and Correction Oscillator is range-bound, it can also be used to identify overbought and oversold levels.