Modern Warships July Update | Major Update 0.51.0

Major Update 0.51.0 Coming July 1st. In this update a lot of new content, market and more!

New items, planes and ships:
- Added BAE System Taranis (T3) combat drone ( Battle Pass), armament:
1) GAU-22 cannon.
2) Brimstone missiles, 3 pcs on a launcher.
3) AGM-129C heavy missile.
4) MK84 bombs.
- Added BAE System Tempest (T3) strike fighter ( Battle Pass), armament:
1) GAU-22 cannon.
2) STORM SHADOW heavy missile.
3) GBU-53 guided bombs
4) Smart Glider guided bombs (x6).
- Added French Rafale M (T3) strike fighter (purchase for dollars), armament:
1) GAU-22 cannon.
2) Heavy MK2E missiles.
3) Heavy Exocet missiles.
4) Anti-aircraft missile MICA.
5) Torpedo MU-90.
- Added aircraft carrier DCNS Evolved (T3) (final battle pass award), slots:
1) 2x1 Missiles
2) x1 Strike Fighter
3) x1 Drone
4) x1 Helicopter
5) 4x1 Autocannons
4) 4x1 AA
5) Special Air Defense - Sea Ceptor, launches 6 missiles in a row at the same time.
- Added new US destroyer USS DDG(X) (T3) (purchase for dollars), slots:
1) 1x1 Missiles.
2) 3x1 Missiles
3) 1x1 Cannon
4) 2x1 Torpedoes
5) 2x1 Autocannons
6) 3x1 AA
7) 2x1 AA
???? 1x1 Helicopter
- Added new Russian destroyer RF Breeze (purchase for dollars), slots:
1) 1x1 Missiles
2) 1x1 Missiles
3) 1x1 Cannon
4) 1x1 Torpedoes
5) 2x1 Autocannons
6) 3x1 AA
7) x1 Helicopter
- Added Sahi-209 (T3) compact rail cannon (Battle Pass).
- Added special "Lightning" camouflage on USS Enterprise, RF Shtorm, CN Type 004. First exclusive camouflages on aircraft carriers!
New Mechanics:
- The most basic mechanic of this update is the Free Market (Market), where players can trade among themselves at their prices and earn currency and trade for other needed items. This market is based on real trading mechanics!
Players who passed the Battle Pass now have a certain amount of unique items - these items can now be put on the market at your price and some other player can buy them if he likes the price.
The only condition - MW will take a commission from each successful transaction (now the commission is 20%).
A special currency was implemented for the market, separate from the game - Artcoin. It is impossible to farm this currency, you can only trade it with items or buy for money. Farming this currency is forbidden, because the Bots will try to hack it and then crash the market prices.
Item upgrade is also kept. In the case of ships - saved and full equipment, which left the owner of the ship item. Transfer of HERO items is not allowed through ship equipment.
PS. The first time we will need to see how the market works, if everything is good. There will be glitches and trading stoppages - that's fine, we'll watch and fix it quickly.
- Added blobs to the screen when flying through the clouds.
- Added confirmation of readiness before entering a battle (for squads). All squad members except the commander should press "Ready" before starting a battle.
- Added filter by TIER in ship's store menu. Now it will be much more convenient!
- Multiple interface fixes in menus, e.g. tabs have been visually improved, indentations of some items aligned.
- The interface no longer displays a warning about the distance of missiles if the target was not taken in the sights.
- When purchasing an item in the equipment store, the player is no longer taken to the inventory tab. This will remove accidental sales of required items.
- Fixed bug with destruction and flying debris on the Lost City map
- Fixed bug with underwater flying on helicopters
- Fixed bug with texture compression on FL-71 drone (it was white after applying camouflage).
- Fixed bug with working AA laser underwater on subs.
- Fixed the "Detected" widget in the game using the sub if the player was detected by a helicopter.
- Fixed the logic of linking chat to the language of the device. Now players will be correctly redirected to the correct chat.
- Added link to YouTube channel in community settings.
- We continue to work on tanks, engaged in the first location.

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