Glimpse of Ojasvi Foundation Event

Event Name : Ojasvi Foundation Inauguration
Event Date : 23rd of May 2022
Location : Kadodara Cross Road, Opp. CNG pump Station, Highway, Surat

Strength | Power | Stamina | Spirit | Loyalty
Longevity | Moderation | Eternity | Wisdom

Begin a step ahead to get all freedom with ojasvi foundation and become a member. Select the program that you would like to learn & succeed about and see what best are available for you. There’s no better time than the present to explore more in life.

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Begin a step ahead to get all freedom with ojasvi foundation and become a member. Select the program that you would like to learn & succeed
about and see what best are available for you. There’s no better time than the present to explore more in life.

ojasvi foundation would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to get freedom in their life so other people would be also get freedom


OJASVI FOUNDATION believes that Life is short and in a world of chaos, social media and divisiveness, precious things can easily become lost, While our lives and priorities may differ, there are some things vital to living a life of fulfilment things we need to fight for things that really matter.

Ojasvi Foundation's most important social responsibility is to develop our
corporate resources into greater value, in other words, to create "Added
Value" for the society. We think that creating high added value to the world is the way of social contribution. we always focus on product development to create innovative products that are new to our society.

Nothing in the world can trouble you as much as your own thoughts

Togetherness the network to help each other

Corporate Office
nd 2 floor, M Square, NH 48 Opp. CNG Pump,
Kadodara Main Road, Kadodara,
Surat, Gujarat- 394325, India | Ph.: +91 81538 88844
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